EMBC 2013

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EMBC 2013

The 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC '13)


3-7 July 2013
Osaka International Convention Center
Osaka, Japan

The conference will cover diverse topics such as biomedical engineering, healthcare technologies, and medical and clinical applications. We are proud to announce μRALP will be participating to this event!

The following research article will be presented:

  • Supervisory System for Robot Assisted Laser Phonomicrosurgery

Abstract— This paper presents the development of a system capable of generating safety alarms when unexpected or unforeseen situations are detected during larynx phonomicrosurgery. Such system establishes relations between the application of laser power and changes in laryngeal tissue characteristics and appearance. As core component, we propose a model able to map inputs generated by the surgeon when controlling the laser to an estimation of tissue temperature. Situations where this supervision is relevant have been identified..

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